Western North Carolina Workers’ Center builds power among workers of color to promote worker justice. In this process, we recognize structural change as the fundamental component of our work towards workers’ justice. From the front lines of our struggle for worker justice, we stand in solidarity with our black neighbors in Western North Carolina and across the country. Police and ICE brutality, racial inequities, and injustice in the workplaces persist in our community, making our people more vulnerable.

We want to invite you to stand with us in support of the fight that our black institutions, organizations, and leaders are leading to change the centuries-old racist system of oppression. 

We invite our allies, members, and friends to analyze the intersectionality of our struggles. The fight of our black neighbors is our fight.

We invite you to stand with us as we fight the systems that perpetuate oppression. We all have a role to play.

In this struggle, our commitment to workers’ justice persists. Most importantly, we will take this moment to analyze the systems of oppression embedded in our organization to ensure the actions of our staff, worker members, and allies are consistent with our values.